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East Surrey Subregional - Mole Valley

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HomeChoice Plus


Welcome to HomeChoice Plus - We are now advertising Private Sector properties through this scheme. Please see below for details of properties that are currently available.

HomeChoice Plus is a scheme run by the Council to help landlords find tenants, and to help prospective tenants find affordable private rented accommodation.  Below you will find a list of the properties that we currently have available through local private rented landlords.  New properties will be added as we become notified of them. 

Please select one of the following options or scroll down the page for further information.

Click here to see what properties are currently available

Click here If you would like to rent one of these properties

Click here if you are a Landlord who would like to rent your property through the HomeChoice Plus Scheme

If you are a landlord please go to our landlords website LOCALPAD where you will be able to login and use our landlords forums, manage your property portfoilio online and additionally access legislative and case law updates.

Further information on flat/house shares and renting out a room in your own home, as well as how to get £4250 tax free income can be found below.

 Current Private Sector Properties Available


Type of Property  


Rent (PCM)*   

Other details    

Please contact the housing options team directly on 01306 885001 for information on properties that are currently available.

 *PCM - Per Calendar Month

I would like to rent one of these properties

If you are interested in being considered for one of the properties advertised on this page, please contact Keith Cook who is the Council’s Private Rented Sector Officer.  To be considered for a property you will have had to have a housing options interview with one of the Housing Options team.  This interview will assess your finances and your previous housing history will also be discussed.  If we feel able to nominate you to the landlord we will complete a nomination form with you detailing your accommodation history and this will be forwarded to the landlord and an appointment made for you to meet the landlord and view the property.  It will always, however be up to the landlord as to whether they agree with you becoming their tenant.  If you have a poor accommodation history, or we do not feel that you can afford the rent, we will not be able to nominate you.  Properties will be offered to those people perceived to have the highest housing need for the property following the options interview and the ability to sustain the property. Further details are available in the 'HomeChoice Plus Guide for Tenants' leaflet that you can download by clicking HERE.

 I’m a landlord who would like to rent my property through the HomeChoice Plus Scheme

If you have a property that you would like us to nominate someone to, please contact Keith Cook on 01306 879151 or Further information on the schemes and the requirements of the properties are available in the 'HomeChoice Plus Guide for Landlords' leaflet that you can download by clicking HERE or by accessing the molevalley LOCALPAD website which is specifically for landlords with a separate members only login area where you can access relevant information, manage your portfolio and engage in landlords forum on various topics.

I would like to find a flat/ house share

Flat and house shares can reduce your living costs and for those people who are receiving full housing benefit they will be the only option from January if you are under 35 years old (with some exceptions).  We do not currently have many house / flat shares to advertise, although with up and coming changes to housing benefit regulations this is an area which we hope to move into.  In the meantime it is worth considering websites which specialize in offering these services.  Some websites which you may wish to consider are ,,,  You can also look in local shop windows and the local newspapers.  Please remember that if you share a property with the landlord that you will have less security of tenure than if the landlord lives elsewhere.

I would like to rent out my property as a shared house / flat

If you have a property that you would like to rent out as a shared unit, or have a spare room in your home that you would like to gain extra income from renting out, please contact us to discuss further.  You may be required to have a licence for the property, and there will be certain checks that need to be made of the property which are above those which you would need if you were renting the property out as an entire unit.  We can give you advice on all of these issues so please call us.  Please remember that if you ask us for prosepctive tenants for a shared property it is your responsiblity to manage the property, just as with properties that are let out to individual households.

Earn £7500 tax free !

If you choose to rent out a room in your own home then you can earn up to £4250 tax free under the Government's 'Rent a Room' scheme.  Further information about this can be sent to you if you wish.  Please be aware that if you are renting out a room in your home you will eb sharing your proeprty with another person and that you may wish to meet with them a few times before agreeing to have them as a lodger to make sure that you get on !

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