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East Surrey Subregional - Mole Valley

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Mole Valley Homechoice is the way Mole Valley District Council allocates social housing.  Properties that are available for rent will be advertised every week from each Thursday at midnight to the following Wednesday at midnight. You must then tell us which properties you are interested in. This process is known as bidding. You may only bid for a property if your application has been accepted onto our housing register.
Our website is also packed with useful information to help you find you a suitable home. You can use this website to:
  • Apply for social housing
  • Search and apply for available properties
  • View results of previous lettings
  • View properties available in the Private Rented Sector through HomeChoice PLUS

Before you apply please be aware that there are around 450 households on the register and each year about 200 are housed.  Please think about this before you apply and be aware that you are unlikely to be successful if you:

  • Have no local connection to Mole Valley
  • Owe rent to any current or former landlord
  • Owe Council Tax to Mole Valley
  • Have enough income and savings or equity in property to buy (including buying a shared ownership home) or rent a home of your own; or
  • Are a housing association tenant and have no ‘need’ to move – for example, you are not short of bedrooms and there is no medical or welfare reason why you need to move.

If you still decide to join the register you need to complete an on-line application form by following the link on the login page or by clicking HERE.

If you or someone you know would like help to use Homechoice please contact us.  Click How to Contact Us for contact details and opening hours.

 RECENT NEWS (please scroll down for more news items) 


18.09.20 - Adverts this week

We are advertising two 3 bedroom houses in Sole Farm Avenue, Bookham on this weeks bidding cycle.  These are new builds and Clarion Housing Association are the Housing Provider.  They are anticipated to be ready to let towards the end of October 2020.  Bidding is currently open until Wednesday 23rd September 2020 should you wish to express an interest.  Preference will be given to families with children under the age of 16. Please see the advert for full details.


We also advertising a 3 bedroom house in Beresford Road, Dorking. Preference will be given to families with children under the age of 16.  Clarion Housing Association is the Housing Provider and you can place bids/expression of interest until Wednesday 23rd September 2020. Please see the advert for full details about this property.



07.08.20 - Documents requested

Please note that our offices at Pippbrook, Dorking remain closed to the general public. 

Should you need to provide documentation to Housing please send these via email to the Officer who has requested them.  Alternatively please send to the generic housing email  -

Thank you.



07.08.20 - Properties with Rural Connections

It is the responsibility of applicants to provide MVDC with documentary evidence of their local connection to a parish council or rural electoral ward. 

Please ensure that if you have a rural connection that you have provided the appropriate documents prior to any properites being advertised. Further information on Rural connections can be found in the Housing Allocations Scheme policy. 




07.08.20 - Renewals

Please remember to log in regulary to check any messages and to renew your housing application when the renewal is due.  If your application is not renewed then it will be cancelled.



COVID 19 - 30.04.20 update

The Housing Options team are working hard to continue business as normal during these unsettling times.  We will continue to process housing applications, many housing associations have temporarily suspended their lettings process although from time to time we may advertise properties. 

We will continue to offer housing advice and options for households although this will be over the telephone and online. 

Please do not visit the offices at this time as they are not open until further notice. 

It is possible over the coming weeks that we may have reduced staff cover on the telephones.  Please bear with us.  We will continue to try and provide the best service for you and appreciate your help and support with this.

Best wishes

Kirsty Jones
Housing Options Manager





A reminder to all applicants that it is the responsibility of the applicant to provide the Council's housing team with evidence of rural connections to parishes covered under the rural connection criteria.  If we have not received such evidence at the point of shortlisting or nominating for a property we will be unable to consider you as having a rural connection for that property. 


Reminder regarding Monies owed to the Council
All applicants for the housing register should remember that if it is found that you have monies owing to Mole Valley District Council for rent arrears; rent deposit bond claims; rent in advance loans which are not being repaid or Council Tax you will not qualify for the housing register.  You will also not qualify for the housing register if you owe current or former rent arrears with another Council, housing association or private landlord.


On the 12th September the current allocations policy will have been up and running for a year.  During this year we have automatically been renewing applications to allow those people who had previously been on the housing register an opportunity to update their details as we had requested in September 2014.  Now that a year has passed we will stop automatically renewing applications and it will be your responsibility to renew your application when you receive your annual renewal reminder. This reminder will no longer be posted to applicants but will instead flag up when applicants log in to their HomeChoice applications.  Should the renewal not be completed then your applicaiton will be closed. 

All applications which have not been updated since the policy change in September 2014 will also be closed after the 12th September.  Should a household after this date want to apply for housing they will need to complete a new application. Should you have any queries about this please contact the HomeChoice Officers.


 20/07/2015 Please remember that it is your responsibility to let us know of any changes in your situation which could affect your housing application. Changes can be made online by entering your housing application with your unique login number.


From 1 June 2015, applicants who are Council or housing association tenants and do not live in Mole Valley may qualify to join the register if they work or have a job offer in the area and would suffer hardship if they remained in their current home. This is called the Right to Move. To find out if you might qualify please contact the Housing Options team on 01306 885001.



10.09.14 IMPORTANT NEWS Don't forget to update your housing application from this Friday....
This Friday our new allocation policy will be implemented and you will need to login and update your housing application in order to be able to bid for properties when we start advertising again after the 25th September.  If you don't update your application you wont be able to bid.  If you have a local connection with one of the local villages you will need to provide us with written evidence of this.  If this is through a family member we will need to see evidence of your relationship to this family member (ie. a full birth certificate if it is your parent). If this is through employment we will need to see your employment contract. If this is through residence we will need to see evidence of how long you have lived in the area. Without this evidence you will be skipped for any properties where a rural connection is required. 
The process of updating 1300 applications will be rather time consuming so the allocaitons officers will be largely unavailable to take calls over the next fortnight, however if you are not able to speak with an officer  and need to establish anything in relation to your application please send us a user message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
Thank you for your patience - Kirsty Jones, Housing Options Manager



The Council's new allocations policy will be going live on the 11th September.  There are a  number of changes in the new policy regarding eligibility to be on the housing register as well as changes of priorty to those people who are accepted onto the register.  As there are so many changes we will need every household to log on and update their housing application before they can again bid for properties. 

On the 11th September the following things will therefore happen;

  • All applications already on the register will be moved to a state of 'online incomplete'. You will see this when you log on and go into your summary page

  • All households will then need to go through the application and update all areas which have been added. 

  • PLEASE PAY SPECIAL ATTENTION TO THE LOCAL CONNECTION PAGES -  Under our new allocations policy, properties advertised in named rural areas will have a priority given to people with a local connection to those areas unless there is a band 1 person in need of the accommodation.  (Adverts for these properties will show a tree with the letters LC after it).  IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to be able to evidence that you have a certain local connection.  Where this local connection is through a  family member we will need to evidence that they are your family member.  This will mean in the case of parents, being able to provide your full birth certificate.  In the case of employment we will require a letter from your employer confirming your employment in the area and the number of hours that you work for them in the area. 

  • If you wish to send in proof of local connections to areas now please do so as we can add them to your files in advance.  We will still need you to update your application when the policy goes live however it would help us to be able to have as much information now as possible.

  • Once you have updated the application and pressed submit it will come back to the HomeChoice Officers at the Council to verify.  Only once it has been verified will you again be able to bid upon properties.

  • Any changes in banding as a result of the policy changes will NOT be backdated. 

  • People who owe monies to the Council or rent to other landlords will be removed from the housing register until they have made a payment plan which they have kept for 12 regular payments. 

  • We will not be advertising any properties for three weeks starting 4th September to enable us to concentrate on verifying and updating the applications which people update.  After these three weeks we will again start advertising properties but only those people who have logged on and updated their application will be able to bid upon properties.

  • Where households have notified us in the past that they do not have acces to computers and we are already autobidding for them we will be contacting them to assist them with this process.

Please be patient with us during this time.  We have over 1200 applications which we need to work through in order to update our housing register with the new allocations policy and so all our efforts will be put towards doing this as efficiently and effectively as possible.  This will mean that we may not be easily available to answer all your queries during this time although we will do our best. 

  Many thanks - Kirsty Jones, Housing Options Manager



We are changing who can join the Housing Register 

Last year we asked you who should be able to join the housing register and listening to those results we have changed who can join. The new scheme will go live in 2014 and people will no longer be able to either remain on or join the housing register if they:

  • have no local connection to Mole Valley
  • have no housing need 
  • own their home, except those who are over 55 
  • have a gross income over £50,000 per year and savings over £16,000 
  • owe the Council money 
  • are guilty of unacceptable behaviour 

All households will be asked to re-register their details for their housing applicaiton to be reassessed.  This is because a numebr of new factors will affect banding and some of these details will do not currently hold.  You will be notified when to re-register on this News feed so it is importnant that you regularly check for updates we may add here. If following reassessment your applications banding or qualification is affected we will contact you and explain your rights.  If you have any questions please contact us through user messages.

Click here to see the Proposed Allocation Policy for 2014.



Have you tried the Options Wizard?

On 21 November 2013 Mole Valley launched its new online Housing options wizard service. The wizard does not replace face to face contact, but will give you an idea of which housing options may be available to you. These may not include social housing. Social housing is in great demand and often people can wait a long time before being offered a social housing property. Housing options are often the alternatives to social housing that may make it easy and quicker for you to find somewhere to live. Some options do require you to make an appointment to see a member of the housing options team.



Further to our news items on the 22nd March and the 1st August we will be going live with our amended allocations policy on 15th August 2013.  The main changes are in relation to the number of bedrooms that a household will be eliglbe for after considering the age of the household members.  These will be the same as the number allowed  by housing benefit.

The housing benefit rules allow for one bedroom for each of the following;

  • a couple
  • a person who is aged 16 or over
  • two children of the same sex under 16 years old
  • two children of different sex under 10 years old
  • a carer providing regular overnight care

There may also be allowances made for families with disabled children where they are in receipt of Disability Living Allowance and for foster carers, however this is still to be clarified by the Government.  Households where there is a recommendation for an extra bedroom based on medical needs will need to be considered on an individual basis , as they may not be automatically entitled to Housing Benefit for that extra bedroom.  The amended housing allocations policy can be found on the housing pages of the Council's main website.

A transitional scheme will be implemented for some eligible households affected by the changes.

If you have any queries please contact the HomeChoice allocations officers through user messages.




From Monday 12 November 2012 the Council will no longer subscribe to the national HOMESWAPPER scheme and the advertisement for your home will no longer appear on the Homeswapper website. If you wish to continue using the service please contact your housing association landlord and ask them about their mutual exchange services. You can also advertise your home if you are a housing association tenant living in Mole Valley on our Home Choice website. We apologise for the inconvenience.

You can however still search for an exchange through the new 'Home Swap Direct' service accessible by clicking HERE or by using the link at the top of this page. Home Swap direct is a new mutual exchange search service that links up the mutual exchange properties available on both this site and the Home Swapper and House Exchange services.  You don't need to be registered to search for a property but may need to register and pay a fee for some of the services offered on external sites.  




HomeChoice Plus is a new scheme run by the Council to help landlords find tenants, and to help prospective tenants find affordable private rented accommodation.

We have now started advertising properties that are available to rent privately through the HomeChoice Plus Scheme. For more information, whether you are a Landlord looking to let their property or a tenant seeking a home to rent please visit the Private Sector Housing page on the left or you can go directly to the page by clicking HERE.  



  • Your bedroom eligibility is for Mole Valley Homechoice and East Surrey Homechoice.  There are slight differences between the policies.  This will mean that you may be able to bid for Mole Valley Homechoice properties that you would not necessarily be entitled to under our own policy.   For more details click on Bedroom Eligibility.

  • The pictures of properties that you will see on the property search pages are generic pictures of the roads, blocks of flat or schemes and are meant to give general guidance of the location that the available property is in.

  • You may NOT AT ANY TIME view the interior of any available property until you have been contacted by the landlord and arrangements for viewing have been made.


Helping You to Use the Service

If you are a social housing tenant in the Mole Valley district, why not advertise your property for mutual exchange here?  Please remember when you are adding your details to state the type and size of property that you are looking for and make sure you leave your contact details. 

If you have been unable to log in please contact us as soon as possible.  We may have made a mistake with your registration number or your application may have been suspended due to lack of current information.
If you would like to use the telephone bidding service call

Property Information Line 01737 276699

Take down the Reference number of any properties you are interested in, make sure you have your logging in details to hand, and then call

Property Bidding Line 0845 2701908

All calls are charged at local rates

If you or someone you know would like help to use our service please contact us. Click How to Contact Us for contact details and opening hours.

We would welcome your feedback on this service.  If you have any comments to make please contact us at

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