Mutual Exchange

Mutual Exchanges:

A mutual exchange is a way to move that involves a swap for either a larger or smaller property.  You need to be registered on a mutual exchange website. 

Clarion Housing Association (our largest housing provider in Mole Valley) uses House Exchange. This website is used by a number of housing providers and will cover properties in different areas of the UK not just Mole Valley.

If you are already a Clarion Housing Association tenant you can register by contacting Clarion Housing Association on 0300 500 8000.  Clarion have information on their website which explains the process and how it works or go to the website 

Mount Green Housing Association use Homeswapper for Mutual Exchanges.  You can contact Mount Green Customer service team on 01372 37955 or log onto the website  to register.

You do not need to pay anything to sign up for either of these websites.

The basics of mutual exchange are that your property details are placed on the website with your contact details.  You can search for applicants who have a property that you like and other applicants can make contact with you.

If both parties are in agreement to continue with a swap then each applicant would contact their current housing provider. 

The swap would need to be approved by each applicants current Landlord. You need to be a council or Housing association tenant.

To be considered rent accounts from both applicants would need to be up to date.  The size of the property and household would be taken into account as well.

If the swap is approved by both housing providers you would need to sign a new tenancy agreement.  You should consider the type of tenancy you currently have and what type of tenancy the applicant you wish to swap with has.  You may be offered a different tenancy with different conditions which you should consider before agreeing.

When you complete a mutual exchange you are generally accepting the property in its current condition and if any alterations have been made these become your responsibility. You should check what is likely to become your responsibility. The housing provider would still be responsible for general repairs but may not be for any changes to the property that have been completed by the previous occupant.

A mutual exchange is not the same as applying for a move through the housing register. 

Please see separate section on how to apply to join the housing register and if you would meet the eligibility criteria.