If you are currently living in a property that is too large for your needs you may wish to consider downsizing. 

There may be a number of reasons you may wish to consider this option for example:  

  • The rent is likely to be cheaper on a smaller property.
  • The council tax could be a lower banding and therefore cheaper.  
  • It might cost less money to heat a smaller property.
  • Maintenance might be easier to manage as could the garden.
  • You may have a reduction in your housing benefit as your property is considered bigger than is needed.

If you apply to join the Housing Register and are giving up a larger property we can give a higher priority to your application.

This is because there is an extreme shortage of family sized accommodation in Mole Valley and we have many families on the housing register who are waiting for a 2, 3 or even larger properties and are currently over-crowded.

If you would like to downsize you would need to complete a housing application which would be assessed by the Allocations team.  If you meet the criteria we would help you to find a smaller property. 

If you have a one bedroom need or wish to consider over 55’s accommodation (i.e you are a single person or a couple) and have a two bedroom, three bedroom or larger property we would accept you in Band 1.

Please see our Allocations Scheme on the website for further information.

Please contact the allocations team if you would like to discuss how to start the process.