New Affordable Housing

There are a number of new affordable housing developments planned each year.  Where a new development is agreed, the Council will enter into a nomination agreement with the housing association regarding advertising and nominating to a number of the units built.  Below are some of the developments planned and their current progress.  Not all of the properties shown below will be available to advertise as some may be used to rehouse residents who have previously had to move out of properties to allow the devleopment to happen.  Others may be shared ownership properties.  More information regarding shared ownership can be found HERE.

All properties which the Council is able to advertise will be advertised through this website.  You will need to apply and be accepted on to the Council's housing register to then express an interest in any of the properties.  

For some properties in rural areas, you may need to be able to evidence a local connection to that area.  The definition of a rural connection can be found within the Allocation Policy.

New Affordable Homes 2024/25

Housing Association Address of New Homes Types of Properties being built When will they be completed? Other information
getliving Randalls Way, Leatherhead

36 units

Maximum of 16 x 1 bed (afforrdable rent)

Minimum of 17 x 2 bed (affordable rent)

Maximum of 4 x 3 bed (affordable rent)



This is a Build to Rent Scheme. It is a different type of scheme which includes affordable housing. It is not operated by a Registered Social Landlord (Housing Association) but will contain 36 flats at an affordable rent.

There is some flexibility in the number of flats at each bedroom size. This will be updated when further details are confirmed.

Completion due December 2024/January 2025.



Clarion Housing Kingston House Gardens, Leatherhead

36 units

  • Social rent 
    • 6 x 1 bed flat
    • 2 x 2 bed flat
    • 8 x 3 bed house
  • Affordable Rent
    • 4 x 2 bed flat
  • Shared ownership
    • 1 x 1 bed flat
    • 7 x 2 bed flat
    • 8 x 3 bed house

Start on site Winter 2022

Completion due September 2024

TBC Headley Court, Headley

8 units

1 x 2 bed for rent

3 x 3 bed for rent

2 x shared ownership


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