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East Surrey Subregional - Mole Valley

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If you are already registered with the HomeChoice service please login using the box below. If you are looking to apply to join the housing register HomeChoice service for the first time please read the information below this box and be aware of the information provided before deciding whether or not to continue.

PLEASE NOTE - Properties are advertised from Thursday at midnight, until the following Wednesday at midnight. You will not be able to login on Thursday as this is when new properties are added to the system. If you have difficulty accessing the system at any other time please contact us as soon as possible. Contact details can be accessed by clicking here.

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The Council keeps a register of people who need social housing. There are around 1,500 households on the register and each year about 200 are housed, which means that every year only 13% are successful.  Please think about this before you apply and be aware that you are unlikely to be successful if you:

  • Have no local connection to Mole Valley or do not have close relatives that have lived in Mole Valley for at least 5 years;
  • Have enough income and savings or equity in property to buy (including buying a shared ownership home) or rent a home of your own; or
  • Are a housing association tenant and have no ‘need’ to move – for example, you are not short of bedrooms and there is no medical or welfare reason why you need to move.

If you decide to join the register you need to complete an on-line application by clicking the link in the login box above or by clicking HERE.

If you decide to apply please make sure you complete all sections of both the 'household registration' form and the 'social housing' application form immediately after.

If you need help please ring 01306 885001.

When you apply you must provide copies of your last 3 bank statements from all of your accounts and these must show your name and current address. If you do not have a bank account please contact us on the above number. IF YOU DO NOT PROVIDE THESE DOCUMENTS YOUR APPLICATION WILL BE REJECTED.  

If you are at risk of becoming homeless please ring 01306 885001 to arrange an appointment so we can give you advice on your housing options.

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